2300 | Overview

Stunning. The Italian styling lines make this 2300 stand apart from the masses. But a beautiful profile is just the start; heart-throbbing performance, class-leading storage and seating space makes the 2300 feel as good as she looks…

  • FasTrac Hull Design

    The FasTrac Hull gives you more control on the water, with up to 26% faster speeds, and at the fuel pump, with up to 30% better fuel efficiency.

    FasTrac Hull Design
  • Comfort Curve

    The unique design of the comfort curve allows passengers to sit in a corner that would otherwise be unusable.

    Comfort Curve
  • Dual UltraLounges

    Enjoy the transom in any position with these dual, 4 position, reversible UltraLounges.

    Dual UltraLounges
  • Cockpit Ergonomics

    Most cockpit space in class. Enough said.

    Cockpit Ergonomics | 2300
  • Luxury Interior

    Bare fiberglass or plastic combing panels may work for some manufacturers, but not Regal.

    Luxury Interior | 2300/2500 advantages
  • Curved Comfort Seating

    The curved comfort seating gradually contours to your body, making it a more comfortable bow lounge.

    Curved Comfort Seating | 2300 2500 2700ES